SPS™ (Sandwich Plate System) is approved by regulatory authorities internationally for use in the repair and build of maritime, offshore, and civil structures including ship and offshore structural components, bridges, stadiums, and arenas. SPS has a high strength to weight ration and is fast to install leading to strong, lighter structures which are cost-efficient and easier to maintain.

We are a licensee for SPS installation and delivery in the maritime and offshore sectors.

Sandwich Plate System (SPS)

SPS™ is an established alternative to crop and replace steelwork repairs, with over 200,000 m2 installed on maritime and offshore structures around the world.

SPS Technology

SPS Technology Ltd developed and commercialized SPS™. SPS is approved by all major class societies around the world.

SPS™ is a structural composite material comprising two metal plates bonded with a polyurethane elastomer core
Polyurethane core is jointly developed with BASF, which supplies all of the core material
Approved by major regulatory authorities, SPS™ is used in a wide variety of civil, maritime, and special applications including structural flooring, stadia terraces, bridge decks, and the repair of maritime and offshore structures
SPS™ is much simpler than stiffened steel plate and much lighter and faster to erect than reinforced concrete
SPS™ has a lower carbon footprint and is 100% reusable
SPS Delivers
Cost savings and economic benefits
Simpler, faster fabrication
Improved designs and in-service performance
Enhanced protection and safety
Improved environmental sustainability

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