SPS Project – Low Heat Input Solution

16 Apr

SPS Project – Low Heat Input Solution

MODEC Inc. requests our service to apply SPS Overlay to their Main Deck and Superstructure Decks plating on FPSO.

We proposed a “low-heat-input” SPS Overlay, which will allow a safe and unhindered repair to be undertaken. This method will allow the FPSO to remain on-site and continue operation while repairs are completed.

SPS Overlay Installation Process – Suit Different Demanding Applications

As a steel-elastomer-steel composite, it typically reinstates a structure beyond its original strength. The SPS Overlay installation process will evolve accordingly to suit different demanding applications. A reduced heat SPS installation method is used where fuel oil tanks must be protected from heat input during the repair. This method involves the use of non-direct welding, adhesives, and stud welded perimeter bars.

What is our proposed SPS solution for MODEC?

We applied a reduced heat input method to reinstate steel in various areas on decks B, C, D, the top of the wheelhouse, and the upper deck. Structural adhesives are used to fix perimeter bars to the deck. New top plates (6-8mm thick) are welded to the bars to form air-tight cavities. Lastly, a 25-mm elastomer core was injected.

“We proposed an SPS low heat solution for a safe, rapid repair,”

Reagan Lim, Project Manager, ASOM.