We have a product for every project.

Our goal is that every product that we offer will help you finish your project – fast, safe and cost-efficient.

Equipment Rental

  • Industry: Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, Port Construction,
    Dredging & Land Reclamation Mining
  • Application: Multipoint Mooring System, Tension Spooling &
    Coiling Operation, Lifting via A-frame, Loadup Application,
    Airbag Landing & Launching, Slipway Hauling
  • Product: Winch, Cranes, Spoolers & Reels, Deck Fittings, Line
    Monitoring System
  • Services: Engineering, Fabrication, Repair & Maintenance,
    Mechanical & Electrical, Project Management, Installation &

Mooring Solutions

  • Industry: Marine Vessel, Offshore, Port Construction, Shipyard,
  • Services: Mooring Analysis, Procurement Services, Equipment
    Identification, Project Management, Installation, On-site
    Testing, Commissioning
  • Product: Winch, Deck Accessories, Synchronised Control
    System, Centralised Control Unit, Switchable Winching

Airbag Launching & Landing

  • Landing Power: 250 to 2,000 Ton
  • Surface: Concrete to Compact Ground
  • Gradient: 3 to 6 degrees
  • Winch Type: Electric or Diesel-Hydraulic
  • System: Block & Tackle
  • Securing: Foundation plate with counter-weights or driven piles

Modular Range Hydraulic Winch

  • Body: Quick assembly modular design
  • Weight: Less than 10 Ton per module
  • Drum Pull: 200 Ton @ 1st layer with overload capability
  • Brake Holding: 250 Ton @ 1st layer
  • Drive: European hydraulic motor
  • Pri Brake Type: Disc brake fail-safe, hydraulic release
  • Sec Brake: Ratchet pawl, mechanical operated
  • Control: Local or remote via European hyd block

Economy Range Hydraulic Winch

  • Body: Heavy duty structure with high tensile drum shaft
  • Drum Pull: 5 to 30 Ton @ 1st layer with overload capability
  • Brake Holding: 7.5 to 45 Ton @ 1st layer
  • Drive: European hydraulic motor with spur gear
  • Brake Type: Manual operated
  • Clutch Type: Manual operated
  • Control: Local with European Block

Line Load Measurement System (L2MS)

  • Perfect for new and existing winches in offshore mooring
    application, cranes, towing and on shore loadout application
  • Ideal for wire line tension, line speed, and wire payout
  • IP67SS load pin on stainless steel body housing for extreme
    offshore conditions
  • 2 meter display in one enclosure suitable for offshore
  • Expert commissioning and installation supervision