ASOM SPS Case Study: SPS Deck Reinstatement

21 Apr

ASOM SPS Case Study: SPS Deck Reinstatement

What Is SPS Overlay?

SPS (Sandwich Plate System) is a structural composite material comprising two metal plates bonded with a solid polyurethane elastomer core.

The SPS layout retains the existing steel plate and reinforces it with a new steel layer and a polyurethane core. This will result in a stronger and flatter surface. SPS repairs and strengthening can be undertaken while the vessel is still in service. Choosing SPS can eliminate the need to wait for an offshore shutdown period.

ASOM SPS Case Study: SPS Reinstatement of FPSO’s Pontoon Deck

Our operations manager Mr. Rajesh Pillai had led our structure team and injection team to complete the project successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a tight-knitted team who will ensure we complete the project in a short and efficient time frame.

Working in a limited headspace of less than 300mm, our team have taken extra precautions and time to ensure the injection process is carried out safely and efficiently for our client.

The SPS deck reinstatement was substantially quicker than an equivalent conventional steel repair.

SPS Layout: Able to adapt to all working conditions.

Due to the confined work location, our Elastomer injection machine was to be placed 18m away.

We worked out a detailed plan to reduce all the space restrictions with our SPS Technician, Khun. After much planning, SPS elastomer core was injected to fully reinstate the strength and integrity of the structure.